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Fasta Couriers Perth WA – Same Day Couriers Perth

Fasta Couriers is your partner in ensuring that your deliveries arrive where you want them to be. We are the largest independently owned and operated specialist “on-demand” courier company in Western Australia. We have been providing our professional courier services with unmatched speed, efficiency and attention to detail since our foundation in 1970.

Reliable Courier Service –
Customer Reviews

View some of the positive customer comments that we have received, which highlight the high levels of customer service and reliability which Fasta Couriers prides itself for. Perth’s quality assured fully computerised despatch system, witha specialised delivery fleet that’ll get your job there faster.

Fasta Couriers is your Perth metro courier service provider.

Courier Service Delivery Area in
Perth and Interstate

Our courier service delivery area coverage and driver knowledge of the Perth metropolitan area can put one of our drivers on your doorstep in accordance with the service standards you require.

This isn’t to say that we are limited to the Perth metro area. At Fasta Couriers we have delivered spare parts to Eucla, product samples interstate, and just about anything else anywhere a client might request of an ‘on-demand’ courier service.

Fasta Couriers provides standard coverage for the entire Perth metropolitan area. All drivers are within both voice and data contact of our powerful radio antenna. And to make sure there are no communication problems when dealing with Fasta Couriers, all our delivery drivers must carry a mobile phone for emergency backup.


Extra Service Options

– Hi-Ab crane
– Pallet Trolley
– Hydraulic tail lift
– Second man to assist
– Overlength/overwidth capabilities


This is our customary service and the one that our loyal customers have come to associate with us over the years. Your parcels will be delivered within an hour after pick-up.

Critical Express

This is an ultra urgent premium service. Your deliverables will be picked up within 15 minutes, guaranteed. They will be sent through direct delivery and you will receive a call once delivery is accomplished.

VIP Express

This ensures that your parcels will be picked up with the first available vehicle and sent through direct delivery.

Why Choose Us for Your Courier Service

There are several reasons you should choose Fasta Couriers for your courier service. Here are just a few of them:


Over our many decades of operations as a courier service, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge. We have taken the time to listen to our customers over the years, and are constantly evolving to meet customer needs.

Local knowledge

As a WA owned business, based in Perth, we have unparalleled local knowledge, enabling our drivers to deliver parcels fast.

Well equipped

We have a range of different vehicles available to deliver courier services. Our fleet includes bicycles, motorbikes, small cars, vans, and 1 to 8 tonne tray tops meaning we’re well equipped to deliver all sorts of items. We have specialised lifting equipment including pallet trolleys and hydraulic lifts. Our courier vehicles and drivers are also equipped with navigational and communication technologies to ensure they get the job done fast.


We pride ourselves on doing the job right. Our courier service isn’t just reliable, it is safe and secure. Parcels are handled carefully and safely throughout all stages of transit.

Our Courier Service Standards

We ensure our quality of service with a set of exacting standards that are in place across all of our courier operations.

Driver Standards

Our drivers are highly trained completing a range of customer service and driving programs on induction and in the first month of service. We provide ongoing training to uphold standards and ensure our drivers are equipped with key knowledge. Training includes road user courtesy and professionalism.

Presentation Standards

Drivers are easily identifiable in professional Fasta Couriers uniforms and carry ID cards. Our vehicles are clearly recognisable and are kept clean at all times.

OHS Courier Standards

Our courier drivers are equipped with high visibility workwear, safety eyewear, approved steel capped footwear and carry hard hats (for when required) to meet the highest OHS standards on construction and mining sites.

For a courier service Perth businesses and residents can rely on, contact Fasta Couriers today.