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At Fasta Couriers we proudly stand behind the quality and reliability of our delivery service and customer service experience. We would like to share some of the customer comments and feedback
received as company reviews. We encourage feedback and would love to hear about your experience with Perth’s fastest courier service – Fasta Couriers. Please send an email to to let us know about your courier service experience.


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CF Mark S

I used to work as a Courier, so now in my own business I feel I can judge them quite fairly. I know it’s difficult to schedule drivers and jobs to the right spot at the right time, whilst limiting the number of drivers, so everyone makes a living! We switched from one company over to Fasta Couriers as they’ve been around for a long time in Perth. The previous company wasn’t reliable on their pickup and delivery consistency, which is most important for us. Fasta’s commitment to excellent service is shown from the beginning, where a company representative visited our office (we’re a small business, with no promises of volume deliveries). We were shown the rates and since early this year, we’ve been 90% happy with their service. It’s a tricky business, it won’t always work out on a delivery… but with most jobs, we are confident that they will pick up and deliver, without us monitoring the job. Their drivers are friendly and clean. They have a direct “bullet” service as well.

Matt Lynch

Managing a company, I need to rely on my third-party supplier network and Fasta Couriers has been at the top of my list over the past few years when we've needed to get a parcel from A to B, quickly and on-time. A very reliable service in my experience.

Simon Taylor

Fasta Couriers has offered us brilliant service over the past couple years. They are far more accommodating than other courier companies we have used and far more flexible with transporting
longer items that their competitors.

Caitlin Darcy

Fast, dependable and very reliable courier service provider. It offers a wide range of services that suits your delivery needs.

Eldred Day

Highly recommend this company to use as a regular service, or one-off delivery. Reliable, friendly with great pricing.

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