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Whether you need to send an item as small as a card or as big as a elephant – at Fasta Couriers we are equipped to be able to handle any type of delivery job. That’s why we offer a range of extra service options for you to choose from and ensure your item is delivered without a hassle.

Hi-Ab crane

Hi-Ab cranes are fitted to some of our courier trucks and will allow us to lift and manoeuvre heavy items easily and quickly. The crane provides all the flexibility we need to ensure your item is lifted safely and carefully, and still delivered in a timely manner.

Hydraulic tail lift

Tail lifts can be booked for your delivery job and are recommended when your items are heavy and difficult to handle manually. The tail lift is attached to the back of our truck and will ensure our courier service drivers can safely load and unload your items without risk of injury or damage to your goods or property.

Pallet Trolley

If you have large or bulky items that can be loaded onto pallets, let us know and we will equip a pallet trolley to ensure your items are picked up and loaded quickly and carefully. Our pallet trolleys are smooth and quiet and will ensure our couriers are in and out without any hassle.

Second man to assist

It is recommended that you request a second courier to assist if the item is heavier than 40kgs, and if the item is awkward and cannot be loaded easily onto a pallet trolley or tail lift. This is to ensure the safety of our couriers and also to avoid the risk of damaging your goods or property.

Overlength / overwidth

If your item to be delivered is very long or wide, simply let us know in the job details and we will ensure we have the right equipment to handle it. Extra wide or long items will require us to order special vehicles and equipment to ensure your item is delivered quickly and safely.

All of these extra courier service options are available whenever you need them. Jobs done outside of our office hours are subject to surcharges. Give us a call or book now via the enquiry form.


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