Ute Courier

At Fasta Couriers we cater to a wide range of customers, delivering all sorts and sizes of items, which is why we also offer a ute courier service.

Not all of our customers have regular parcels or packages that need delivering and a regular courier van may not do the trick.

Our ute courier service is the perfect solution for furniture pick up and delivery, as well as other large items, especially if you need delivery fast.

We offer the following ute courier services:

  • Single item pick up and delivery
  • Commercial and office furniture and appliances
  • Body corporate items
  • Residential furniture and appliances
  • High rise pick up and delivery
  • Storage pick up and delivery
  • Express pick up and delivery.

Our ute courier drivers have the training and specialised equipment to handle heavy and awkward items safely and efficiently. All items are handled with care from the point of pick up to their destination.

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