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If you consider your item to be important and needs to be delivered fast, we consider it important too! Our VIP Express service guarantees that your item will be picked up by our next available vehicle and sent through direct delivery. If you need an item to be treated with care and delivered as soon as possible, this is the service to choose.


When should I order VIP express delivery?

If you have items requiring delivery immediately, our VIP Express delivery service can guarantee our next available vehicle will pick up the item and deliver it directly to the destination. If you would like the item to be picked up within 15 minutes, try our Critical Express delivery service.


Where is VIP express delivery available?

Our VIP Express delivery service is available throughout the Perth Metro area, and further if required.


What type of items can be sent with VIP express delivery?

Anything  can be sent with VIP Express delivery – but if you require delivery of a bulky or heavy item there may be a slightly longer delay due to us sending the correct vehicle and tools for the job.


What time of day is VIP express delivery available?

We can do a VIP Express whenever you need it to be done. Jobs done outside of our office hours are subject to surcharges.


If you need fast VIP Express delivery, order our VIP Express service by giving us a call or booking now via the online enquiry form.

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