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To ensure that our Perth business clients always receive a ‘premium level’ of courier service, we have in place a ‘Four Step Approach’ to our Courier Service Delivery.

Alternatively, you may care to take advantage of our online booking facility to place an immediate courier booking. All you need is a current account.

Four Step Approach Courier Service

Step 1 - Phone Fasta Courier for quote

Step 1

Phone Fasta (08) 9244 2999, quote your name and client code, pick-up and delivery points and the service level you want. The operator will quote your job number.

Step 2 – Job details booked into the computer

Step 2

All job details go straight into the computer as you speak or direct into the system when you book online. Job pickup and delivery times with charge details provided instantly if you require them.

Step 3 – Job details despatched to drivers

Step 3

Job details are despatched instantly to the driver of the nearest available best vehicle for the job. The despatch supervisor monitors everything. Drivers also carry mobile phones for any questions and back-up contact.

Drivers fast delivers the job with their hand held PDA guides.

Step 4

The driver’s hand held PDA guides the driver to your job. A GPS tracking program also provides the latest maps and advises the driver of the best route, along with traffic conditions, possible hold-ups etc. Before you hang up the phone your vehicle is already on the way.

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